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Greatest game I’ve ever played on iPad!

This is one of the most original, fun and challenging games that I have ever played. What a masterpiece. Mesmerizing sound and beautiful artwork! I had to get a bit of help now and again because it is so different that you are not sure of the game dynamic. Once you pick I=p on the flow, you are off and running. The rare game that I just could not stop playing.


Excellent puzzle. Love it.

A gem

Beautiful, engaging, interesting, frustrating, challenging, satisfying. From the story, to the interface, to the game, play, this unique game is a true gem. Like the first day I played Monument Valley.

Fun game but not worth the cost

I just started this game today. Paid the $5 because I was told it was awesome. I was really enjoying the tasks but I completed the whole thing in a matter of hours. I expected for the price that this would continue on for quite some time. That was short-lived. Worth about a buck.

I absolutely LOVE this!!!!!!

I love puzzle games and this is by far the most amazing one I’ve played. It’s relaxing And beautifully rendered. It’s difficult and challenging enough for those who love puzzles. It also helps you out when you need it but doesn’t make it completely obvious so with a little thinking you’ll figure it out and you’ll get really excited when you get through to the next step on your adventure.:)

The game is too short

This a great puzzle game but I finished it too fast. It seemed too short. I wish the developers would add more chapters.

Excited and disappointed

This game is beautiful but it disappoints me because my progression seems like it is by accident. The ‘clues’ seem to go over my head. I’m intrigued and keep trying but I’m wondering why there is not some clue as to how far I have progressed towards the end of the chapter. This is a pricey game. Come on!! Part of me wants to delete the game. Not sure how much longer I am going to play it.

Beautiful and Intriguing

What a wonderful game. Beautiful graphics, cool puzzles. It’s quite different from any other puzzle game I’ve played. I loved the moving tiles and how things were hidden and slowly revealed. I didn’t want the game to end.

One of the best puzzle games I’ve played

A must purchase. It didn’t take long to complete but really enjoyable.

Think of it as a graphic novel...

My reason for rating so low is the length of content and that the puzzles are of the ‘poke and prod’ caliber. When it ended so soon I was upset, not because it was a short game, but because it was a $4.99 short game. And then I thought of it like a graphic novel, and it was better. Kind of like a comic book. But! But! I didn’t spend but an hour and a half playing it. The puzzles were predictable and easy. Not because of the limitations of the platform, but because they recreated a ‘Myst’ environment and prohibited you from getting lost. I consistently felt like I was being led to the solution before I had been given an opportunity to look around. So two stars it is. On cost/brevity and on ease of puzzles. Think of it like a comic book and it will ease the pain a little.

If you love Monument Valley, you’ll love this

Gorgeous game, I got the inner logic pretty quickly. Sweet and short. For the amount of detail fully worth its price.


I’m disappointed. I’m not sure what I am missing. I’m just clicking on different objects and hoping they do something. I’m stuck and can’t find my way through. I don’t see the story... the art is beautiful and I get excited when the tiles move but I wish I could get my money back. It’s made me more frustrated than relaxed. Maybe I need an explanation?? I don’t know. There are no instructions.


It’s not every day you find something that is literally its own genre. Short, satisfying, confusing, rewarding. You’ll want to replay to puzzle through the narrative a second time. Evokes the other-world ness of Myst but it’s gameplay is very different. Played it over the space of two days—would definitely play again.

Great game

A bit complicated at first, but once you understand the gameplay is a fun game

Best game I’ve played in a long time.

Innovative and beautiful. On a level with The Room and Monument Valley, although the art style and game play is as different from those as those two are from each other. It is on the short side - I played it through in one sitting - but worth the price nonetheless.

Simply amazing!

Whoever designed this game should be awarded The Truly Genius award for game design. Rarely have I found such amazement in a puzzle game as this one offers. Truly a masterpiece in every respect.


Absolutely stunning animation and creative gameplay. Also, the story really kept me engaged and really make this stand out amongst other iOS games. As with many I just wished it went on longer, which is a good sign. Well done!

Truly Beautiful

I was hesitant to buy this game because I’m not usually a fan of puzzles. I don’t have the patience, and Gorogoa helped me find the patience. I wanted to sit with each puzzle, figure it out, and also admire each scene. It didn’t take me too long to finish, but I’ve honestly found more joy in replaying it (which I’ve done 4 or 5 times now). Now that I’m familiar with the mechanics, it’s nice to go back and sit with the story that’s told. I would highly recommend. A beautiful piece of art, puzzle, and meditation.

highly enjoyable

urging for more of this type of puzzle....creative and rewarding

Loved it

From the music to the storyline this game is a masterpiece. It’s great for anybody who likes puzzles or a good story.


I love this game and wish it were longer. The graphics are everything as they have been advertised and then some. Worth the buy. It is a beautiful experience.


Drawn to the beautiful artwork of this puzzle game. Spent 2 days working through its layers and slides to navigate the character throughout his life and search to collect the 5 colors/symbols/stages. Was AMAZED to see a special thanks to Jenova Chen of Flow, Flower, and Journey fame. If you like those games, this should be a worthy deviation. Truly a labor of love and more proof that you don't have to kill anything to have a great game! Loved it!

Short but original and well done

I beat this in roughly 45 minutes, but i really wasnt unsatisfied. I may be bias on the fact that im an artist and have loved art my whole life, but i really found it to be beautiful. And the puzzle mechanics were amazing and not something ive ever come across in a game before. It was relatively challenging ( the books took me a bit to get), it has style, and i loved how everything worked with each other to make the story flow. So all in all, i wasnt bothered by the length of the game when i was actually paying attention to all the detailed artwork that went into it. Ive paid more to look through an art show for the same amount of time. So take your time, for the game has no timers, and really take a moment to look at all the artwork in this game. Creative puzzles and story aside, the art alone was worth it to me.

More games like this!

I am a sucker for puzzle games, but this one takes the cake. The amazing puzzles and artwork get me every time I open it!

Beautiful game

Very existential and sometimes dark, this unique puzzle game tells a story and gives your brain a workout all at the same time! I would love to see this developer create more games in this vein as I haven’t enjoyed a puzzle game this much in a very long time.

Terrific puzzle game

Great drawings, with very well constructed puzzles and interesting storyline for a puzzle game. This game is well deserving of the praise it has received.

Very well thought out.

I want more stories especially after paying for it, one chapter finished in few hours is not worth the money. I love this and I WANT MORE!


If I could give 0, I would. Terrible, boring, controls don’t work. Skip.

Spectacular, and Spectacularly Short

I really enjoyed this game. The music gives it a somewhat spooky vibe, but its actually quite relaxing and serene. The entire thing is a beautiful piece of art. That being said, I don’t think it’s worth the money as I finished the entire game in just under an hour and a half. And because it is a puzzle game, it has little replay value. I bought it on sale, and still think it was too much money. I like supporting small developers but, for its price tag, I was hoping for a longer game.

Wonderfully Unique

Gorogoa is a visual stunner that provides a new form of puzzle challenge, asking you to look for pattern and connections in unlikely places. It’s easy to get lost in the game and that is so beautiful, I could wander for hours. Worth every penny if you’re looking for something thoughtful and different.


Challenging, new, unique, fun, beautiful, best in a long time! More, please, MORE!


I don’t understand why the reviews for this are so great. It didn’t even take an hour to finish...

Beautiful & challenging

This game/puzzle/journey is clever, engaging, gorgeously illustrated and an absolute pleasure to spend time with.

A special experience

One of the most beautiful and original games I’ve played. The mood is very zen, and the surreal “story” is otherworldly. The puzzles are just right—not too easy or too hard. They’re enough to be engaging and interesting without detracting from the relaxing vibe. The solutions are mildly and pleasantly mind-bending, goading you to shift your perspective in unusual ways. I wish the game were longer, but that’s not to say the few hours of play I got weren’t well worth the cost. Honestly, I hope the basic gameplay premise here informs a whole new subgenre of puzzle games—I could play a dozen more games like this.

Brilliant & Beautiful

Not like any other game you've ever experienced! I can’t imagine that anyone who spent ten minutes with this game wouldn’t find themselves captivated by the beautiful intricate artwork and the brilliance of the puzzles. I never write reviews but my admiration for the creator grew with every new frame and step in the progression of the game. Presented with no words, no script and no directions somehow the game manages to make itself know and unfold logically. Not even halfway into the game I already found myself not wanting it to end. It must have been a monumental task to design and create this game but it was worth every minute. A timeless unique work of art!

Amazing game

This game is incredible. It’s done in such a unique way. The art grabs you in and the story line is understood without words. I wish it was a bit longer, I beat my first run-through in about an hour. I loved the aha moments when you figured out exactly what you were supposed to do. The puzzles were challenging and logically sound. I am hoping they will release a sequel.


I recommend this to anyone who loves puzzles. The story is great and the tiny details just puts this game to the next level. I’ve already played it multiple times. Love it! Please make a sequel!!!

Beautiful graphics enjoyed playing

While there were times when I needed to refer to walkthroughs it did not take from the enjoyment taken from this sweet game. It was very well done and worth. Wish it could have been a little longer .

Only 3 stars

I didn’t enjoy the game so much that’s why only 3 stars ... it is not a fun gameplay...but the idea and the graphics are good

Great but quickly over.

I loved the idea and process of the game- but was disappointed when it was over in less than 40 minutes. For that amount of play time, it feels a bit expensive. In the end I’m still happy I bought it, since it was a unique playing experience.

Imaginative Delight

Stunning graphics and perspective based creative puzzles. A work of genius! Enjoyed this game.

Not enough of a good thing!

This was a beautiful game. It had a great feel to it which just struck a chord with me. I loved all of the puzzles and the fun of moving about the pieces to bring the perfect solution together. I’m writing in the past tense because it’s already over. That is what’s missing, the rest of the game. The game itself would easily deserve 5 stars if it were longer. Here the entire game is over in about 1-2 hours and (as with most puzzle games) there is no replay value. It might have been more acceptable to play a game of this length for the $1 that App Store games often go for. At $5 I’d have expected this game to be 5-10x as large.

Too short for price

Just a little bit expensive for only a couple hours of entertainment. Otherwise, a lot of fun!

8 years on iOS, never written a review

This game just put me into a mood.... gorgeous, mysterious artwork, music... clever mechanics. Just beautiful. Too short. Way too short.

Is that it!???

Finished it in one day, no more than a few hours. Nice sound, graphs are cool, but you end up feeling like there is still something missing. I don’t recall what I spent for this game but I would say, save your money. I honestly thought there was more. Oh one star for the sound and one for the graphics.


This game is the perfect difficulty and the perfect length! There were times where I got extremely frustrated but the answer was always worth it.

Bizarre and very cool!

It’s like no other game I’ve played before. I needed a little help the first time through. But after you get how the game works it’s very very cool!

Loved it

I really enjoyed this game. Beautifully rendered with a great balance of difficulty. The puzzles were creative and hard enough I had to think about them but logical enough to figure it out without help. I don’t regret buying it.


More please! Gorgeous game So unique! Loved figuring out by trial and error - I love games that don't have instructions. Loved the dreamy quality of the zoom in/outs and the music. This one is right up there with 'The Room' series: quality for the money, challenging but not impossible, absorbing. Played it through twice to absorb more details. Again, more please! Outstanding game.

Wow, Wow, and Wow

This game is absolutely stunning on so many levels. The beautiful artwork that blends seamlessly into meticulously thought-out gameplay; it was time incredibly well spent. It may feel haphazard at first, but once your brain tunes into the multi-dimensional layers that require some outside of the box thinking, it's an imagination wonderland. I'm so impressed by the diversity games that continue to be produced. Whether or not any of them take any inspiration from other games, there are some amazing minds making some indelible, unique gaming experiences. This is definitely one of them, and Gorogoa ranks among my all-time favorites.

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