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Loved this game

I’ve played this 4 times now just to take in and absorb all the details and graphics; what a marvelous creation. Love to see more of your work!


I loved the game, but it was soooooooo short!! It's gorgeous and intuitive and so unique.

Intriguing and melancholic

I would give this 5 stars just for the art. The sliding grid is an interesting format for a puzzle, and the developers use it to full effect. I was surprised more than once by how moving pieces a certain way unlocked new chapters. I really had to pay attention to the background art sometimes. Definitely turn on the hint ripples if you get stuck! I will say that it can be frustrating, but once I got the overall logic of the game, it was easier. I'm a really impatient player, and so I'm surprised that I didn't consult a walkthrough to finish this game. I've failed easier games than this, but something about the concept made me want to figure out out myself!

It was awesome until

This game was really great until I didn’t play it for a couple days and opened it up to discover I was back at the beginning!! I’m super bummed. I don’t want to have to start all over. I want a refund.

Awesome game!

This was a cool game to play. Very different than the regular hidden puzzle games. At first you’ll try to figure out how to move things about, but then it become clear and then the adventure begins!! Can’t wait for another.

Wonderfully imaginative

Very innovative and captivating game. I truly loved solving each puzzle. Really forced me to think in unconventional ways. Thank you for such a great game!

Game over in one day.

Ugh. I spent $4.99 on a game that ended in one day. I feel like I met those street magicians, who just took my money. Play the demo version at Best Buy for free and don’t waste your money.

Great and unique puzzler

A gorgeous game with what I thought was a well thought out puzzle system. I’ve read some reviews where people said they didn’t find the puzzles intuitive but I didn’t feel this way at all. Only negative I can give this game is that I finished it too quickly.


Unlike any game I’ve ever played. A story and a puzzle and it’s peaceful and not frustrating albeit I did have to have walkthrough help via YouTube a couple of times but you guys it’s awesome!!! Play it! Play it now! Also I rarely note the developer to go back and see what new adventure they’ve come out with or what older ones they have. I’m all over their other apps!!!!


its a cool game but i did not pay 5 dollars for a two day long game👎👎👎


Why doesn’t is the sound on on my ipad pro? Everything is turned on and no sound or music?

Beautiful, but too short and directed

The visuals are well done, and it’s a unique concept. The creators obviously have talent. But the structure of the game allows you to meander into puzzle solutions by simply guessing. Your decisions are limited and tend to guide you into the solutions. As I went along, I really started to see the potential that I could get into this game... but then it was over, and I had less than 2 hours of game play (don’t know how long, but comparable to a movie). I’d say no if you want a hard challenge, but sure if you want a unique (but short) game experience.

Interesting and new, but short

I like the concept and the art but it was very short for the price. I think it took me two hours total. Some of the puzzles were pretty interesting others were kind of like ... well ok so that happened. Plot was lacking. I hope they make another more lengthy one.

Not worth 5$

There’s is just not enough content to be worth 5$...1.99$ would be perfect....the story doesn’t quite make enough sense and the puzzles were so easy I finished the game in about 2 hours .... yes it absolutely a gorgeous unique game... but I was hoping for a lot more after beating it, I get you need a profit... but this was just a let down for my money. I didn’t even use the hint thing that tells you where to click. Games like talos principle or the room series , machinarium , or even the lifeline series games.... they all were less or just a hair more and involve way more story and play time.... 2 hrs of play for 5$ , that’s a joke

Worth the money

Totally original game. Nothing else like it out there. Worth the money.

Beautiful and complex, however

Beware. The last update reset all of my progress, and I don’t want to redo the entire game to finish it. Try to finish it without updating or you may be very dissapointed.

5*... please make another

Excellent. Fun. My kid and I played together and keeps asking if there will be another one. Please do.

Best Puzzle Game Ever

Absolutely beautiful! I didn’t want it to end! You definitely have to use your brain for this game. It will challenge you & frustrate you but it’s totally worth it!


Like a gorgeous, interactive children’s picture book—don’t go into this expecting action and thrills. It’s about curiosity and making connections. Some parts were less intuitive to me than others, but what a unique and thought-provoking experience.

Handcrafted perfection. Beautiful.

Part puzzle part exploration. Clues are everywhere and everything does fit together/sequence in either a logical or signposted way - sometimes the aha moment comes AFTER some trial and error. In a game such as this that is as it should be. You want to look around, enjoy the scenes and their clever multilayered interlock. Not rush through to the end.


Wow. Basically that's it. One of the most beautiful games I've come across. Engaging game play, simple but absolutely lovely panels one after another. For the puzzle fan, I loved it but if you're a puzzle master (not me yet) it may bevmuch easier. The only tiny critique, not long enough but I am glad I paid for it. Well worth it! Thank you guys!!! Job well done

Good but short

I got through this in a couple of days so to me, it was not worth the 5 dollars it cost. Hopefully they’ll bring in new chapters. Visually beautiful

The best game I have ever played!

The genius, the imagination, the skill required to create such a phenomenal game is awe inspiring. Thank you for such an enjoyable experience.

Interactive Art

This is not a game, it’s beautiful interactive art that is challenging and fun! I want MORE! It was so engaging and difficult to put down, plus amazing to look at.

Need more

Addictive. Beautiful. Creative. I can honestly say I’ve never played a game like this (as a console gamer). Just........wow.

If you love a good puzzle....

This is a great game. Complex, challenging and visually stunning. If you love a good puzzle, then this game is for you. I enjoyed it so much that I went through the puzzle again.

Beautiful game, but keeps crashing

I’d give it 5 stars if it didn’t keep crashing on the yellow level. The graphics are beautiful and I really like the puzzles, but the constant crashing ruins the game.

Loved this game, just wish there was more

This is a very unique and immersive puzzle game. I love the way you interact with the story. I give this 5 ⭐️ for its artwork, concept and gameplay. However, I was able to finish it waaaay too quick. I would have liked more.

Delightful to look at and engaging to play

I generally a game-player and I don’t usually bother to leave reviews, but this deserves my kudos! I was initially drawn in by the beautiful, whimsical artwork, but the puzzles kept me pulling me along. I was sad when the story ended, but I look forward to going through it again to admire the detail in the images. A lovely work of art! I’m hoping there will be a sequel.

Beautiful design and soundtrack

I really enjoyed the visual style of this game and the perspective shifts I needed to solve the puzzles. My only complaint is that it was over in a couple of hours and I could have played much, much longer.

Developers are geniuses!

Think cats cradle yarn game, puzzle game, mystery, and 4th wall breaking all mixed into one experience! This game is beautiful and just beams with transcendental thinking, well for me anyway. It feels so fresh but very familiar. I’m filled with wonder and drawn into its world which is fine art besides the game itself. I will purchase whatever they release next blindly because I’m floored! The game is pure joy!

Brilliant Game Marred By Unsaved Progress

Dealbreaker: I was halfway through the game and had to restore my iPhone (I had backed my phone up immediately prior) and lost all my progress on Gorogoa. I had to begin again. Not cool. The good: Beautiful graphics (what you can see of them) and fiendish puzzles that work your brain. The bad: Graphics are very small on iPhone 6S and it's hard to discern what I'm looking at as the images change. NO SAVED PROGRESS if you have to restore your phone. There is no real tutorial and will struggle without any hints (turn the circles on for minor help). Conclusion: If my progress had been saved in iCloud or in the app itself, then this would be 4 or 5 stars. As it is, I have to begin again. I'm pretty disappointed about that.

Great game, but that’s all?

I really enjoyed this game but it was very short. I completed it in less than 24 hours, andI’m trying to decide if $5 is an appropriate amount to pay for a game with such a limited scope (it doesn’t possess the quality of replayability; once you’ve finished you have no desire to suffer through it again. All in all it was a very enjoyable distraction. Just not for as long as I expected.


Totally worth the small fee! It was challenging and clever! I have yet to enjoy a game as much as this one! I highly recommend this game!

What the fruit?

I didn’t realize I would be missing the particular eccentricity needed for this “game”. Not the biggest waste of 5 bucks in my life, but useless nonetheless.

Absolutely brilliant!

Gorogoa is an outstanding puzzle game if that is what you are seeking. However, it is also so, so much more... In Gorogoa, the beautiful depth of the human mind is artfully explored through a journey wrought with symbolic colors and imagery. It showcases our unique cognitive abilities to recall reality while simultaneously keeping us safe from that which we cannot handle. Such confabulation is witnessed in a mythical, yet almost religious, experience, thus serving the designer’s intended absence of any speaking or use of language as even more universal. The ending was my only disappointment, but even this was done with an inspiration reminiscent of a beautifully colored bow tied neatly around Pandora’s box. I cannot wait to see what else Jake Roberts creates.

Didn’t follow the game?

App Store recommendation after playing all “The Rooms.” Yet just didn’t get the sequencing for the game flow. Beautiful game but no tutorial or way to grasp what it’s all about. Waist of time in the end.

Wish it had iCloud syncing support

Started the game on my iPhone and fell in love with it. Decided I wanted to continue on my iPad but there’s no synced progress. Don’t really feel like starting over.

Boring and no redeeming qualities

It’s like reading a dumb puzzle book to a blind person...does that make sense. No, neither does this game. Couldn’t explain to you why it exists or how come people like it. It’s not cathartic or enjoyable in any way...it’s just a huge waste of time and you should do literally anything else and have a better time

Beautiful, original, short

Well designed with excellent mechanics. Beautiful world that meshes with mechanics very well. Was expecting more than three hours of gameplay though. No replay value due to linearity.

Wonderful and immersive!!

While it could have benefited from a bit more of a story the game play and solutions were imaginative and engrossing...loved loved loved...more please!!

Excellent game

Elegant and interesting puzzles with a novel approach. No hints necessary, just take a break for a day when you’re stuck and let it marinade. Looking forward to #2.

Too short

I loved the game and the graphics are beautiful but it was over in less then a day. I just wish there was more and that is why I only gave 4 stars. That being said, I wish I knew of more games like this.

Keeps crashing!!

This game is amazing, but my only problem is that the game crashes at a certain point. I can't go further than that, and that's frustrating because I really enjoy the game. Please fix whatever bug is causing this to happen.


This is a supremely creative game that goes beyond the usual puzzles, takes you from one layer to another, requires you to do things that are not intuitive, and keeps you discovering and gasping with delight, each time you find your way past an obstacle to the next brilliantly conceived, carefully woven together, conundrum! This is one of my FAVES!!!

A leap forward in gaming

It’s like being inside of the mind of artist.

Not enough game play

This game was awesome. My biggest complaint is for the price there is not enough game play. I beat it in a few hours.

Need glasses and an instruction manual

While visually stunning this game leaves the user to wonder what to do and how to interact. Without clear direction, I was aimlessly selecting, dragging, and trying to figure out just the basic functionality - let alone then”puzzle.” The biggest puzzle is how to play ... rather than discrete puzzles or logic challenges. I would give it a single star - except graphically the game is stunning. Also - if you are older as I am - you will need reader glasses.


Is there a way too enlarge the pictures in this game. I can’t see any of the written words and can’t see some of the details in a 3/4 “ picture !

Beautiful. Clever. Short.

Just that.

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